Monday, July 29, 2013

I don't have worthwhile things to say, but this guy does...

I was never a particular fan of The Berzerker, they had the misfortune of coming out on the underground metal scene wearing masks and using various samples at a time when Slipknot was breaking out huge in the commercial metal scene (1999-2003) and of course, us underground metal cavemen and simpletons are too quick to find a reason to piss on everything, and accordingly The Berzerker didn't get the appreciation that perhaps they deserved during this era.

With age and perspective, it's pretty funny that in 2003 that The Berzerker got shit on for wearing masks and using samples, while Immortal can wear face paint and stupid spikes and no one cares.  Likewise Anaal Nathrakh can distort their vocals, use drum loops and samples, and it's considered avant-garde.  I guess its unfair how the metal scene works, and how as a fan someone, including myself, can be susceptible to the "groupthink" of a segment of the scene.

Anyhow, I'm writing this post because I stumbled upon the blog of one of the former members of The Berzerker which I think is a fantastic read.  Sam Bean maintains a blog called The Senseless (which also happens to be the name of his current band.)

I think Bean's recollections of the touring life in a signed band, particularly his experiences in America, are hilarious and quite telling of how things really are on the road.  As a native of the state of Virginia, I completely agree with his assessment:

"We went to play Jaxx in Virginia again and were banned from even parking in the parking lot. If I get the access codes and the red button tomorrow, I guarantee you there will be a massive radioactive crater in Springfield Virginia where Jaxx used to be. We played at some wonderful venue in Norfolk which seemed to be staffed by hobgoblins, and had a gloriously comfortable backstage…the catering was sensational, and there were steam rooms and a jacuzzi to relax in. I asked one of  the staff if the venue was owned by a touring musician who’d won the lottery. He smiled enigmatically and said “something like that”.

He's referring to the Norva, which is in fact one of the absolute most gorgeous clubs in the world based on both my experience and that of others.  And Jaxx, which was taken over about 2 years ago by a new owner who renamed the club Empire but supposedly still sucks.  Funny how often the experience of both fan and artist are the same, despite different perspectives.  Perhaps I'll write something about the local DC/Maryland/Virginia venues and my experiences with them someday.

So about The Berzerker now that I'm older, wiser, and such?  I don't think they're bad, they definitely were extreme enough for my tastes.  And shit, they made music videos with slutty half naked women because slutty half naked women totally are what comes to mind with this music!