Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Manifest.

I'm not sure where the motivation for this really came from; perhaps I was initially encouraged to do this by M, or some internet chat-buddy. A few people over on ye olde facebook seemed supportive of the idea, so with this blog, I'm once again putting my voice online for public consumption. Unlike anything I've written before, this blog will generally remain on topic.

What I'm here to write about is Heavy Metal music and topics related to its affiliated subgenres. Mostly because my own vanity needs to see my words published somewhere, and because doing so might inspire conversation. Heavy metal music is not an overwhelmingly popular genre of music, and frankly as a 31 yearold juggling a full time job, his junior year of university studies, and with a woman who demands at least some of his attention, I've begun to feel disconnected to the music that has been the soundtrack to my existence. Hopefully starting a conversation leads me to discovering new bands, or appreciating ones I've overlooked, or just having a good laugh if nothing else.

I'm not particularly qualified as a blogger or journalist. My degree isn't going to be in journalism and I haven't played an instrument since an abysmal 4th grade performance on a "recorder" or whatever that flute-like plastic thing was. I was too big an asshole and too principled to last very long doing a proper radio show (Fuck WNRN in Charlottesville, Virginia, btw), and I don't have a vagina so I'm not "best friends" with every dude in a band, ever.

What I am is an asshole with an opinion. And that's what this blog is, a forum for this asshole to express his opinions and maybe get feedback and interaction. It's not an attempt to score free shit (feel free to send it to me anyhow) or become any kind of "scene" celebrity. I won't be as funny as Sergeant D at Metalsucks, or offer in-depth reviews like the writers at Metal-Judgement or Teufel's Tomb (is that website even still around?) but the opinion expressed will be my own, free of any outside influence. Hopefully as a reader, you'll find value in my subjective opinions, based in my particular tastes within the genre. If not, go read someone else's shit. Fewer hits= more kvlt anyhow.

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