Thursday, December 27, 2012

Blast from the Past

This spiffy barcode scanner is a Christmas present from M because she figured it'd help me take inventory of ye olde CD collection.  And indeed, it has been helpful, not to mention a chance to look at albums I didn't even realize I owned (does anyone actually remember Frantic Bleep or Centvrian?) While handling so many of my albums, I found more than a few of these:

"Thanks for picking up this CD! (Or congratulations on stealing it and not getting caught!...)"

I'm sure if any other old fucker is reading this that they remember getting these foldouts with so many of their album too.  It's amusing to read this and consider how a few months ago Century Media and Nuclear Blast began suing downloaders.  Times change, eh?  I wonder what CMR would even do if I mailed one of these in....

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